A Little Piece of Paradise

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When planning a trip to the city of Leh, make sure you have sufficient time at hand to explore the wonders of this awesome place. You would say that time is a necessity for any trip, but there is a marked difference when you are going to some place as beautiful as Leh. With its mountains and little pathways that create a perfect place for trekking, this rugged city is a small box of wonders. Take time and explore every nook and cranny of the place and create for yourself an experience you are not likely to forget anytime soon. In fact, once is never going to be enough. You will keep coming back for more and more of the wonders of the city of Leh.

A high desert region and the capital of the city of Leh, it holds many wonders for a person to behold. The Magnetic Hill will keep you enthralled. Switch off the engine of your vehicle and climb up the hill at the speed of may be 20 kmph. For once, feel the power of defying gravity with the sour realization that only because nature allowed you to do so! Enjoy the radiant view that will stay in your head for times to come from the Thikse monastery. The resemblance it shares with the Potala Palace will also take your breath away. At an altitude of 3,600 meters it will give you the joy of enjoying a landscape that will remind you of dreams and Disney movies.

The Nubra Valley, said to be earlier known as Ldumra, or the valley of flowers has one of the most serene sights to offer. It’s one of the places that require the non locals to get a pass for entry. You have to take the Khardungla pass, the highest motorable road in the world. You could not imagine the views this place has to offer even if you try. Once there, let the beauty of it all surround you. Look at the snow capped peaks in the distance, feel aloof from the world and feel connected to yourself in the serene solitude that you will find here.

To have a pleasant trip, the first thing to see is that you have a comfortable place to stay. Make sure that the place has all the comforts you look forward to once you get back from an exploration trip. Research about 5 star hotels in Leh and choose what you feel is best suited for your needs. The hotel should also offer a quaint environment which is in sync with the place itself. Leh has a lot to offer if you have the curiosity to explore. Go and see for yourself.

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