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best hotel in Leh

Popularly known as the land of monks and monasteries, Leh is one of the best and the most sought after tourist destinations in India. There are many places that are worth a visit in this desert-like landscape, which also has the most beautiful lakes. There are many monasteries here that offer respite to the lonely traveler. Rugged mountains serve as a backdrop to most of these Gompas, and the sights will leave you with a memorable experience.

Leh is also home to many castles and stupas. The Leh Palace also known as Lhachen Palkhar is a nine storied structure that is very popular among tourists who visit the region. The festivals held in Leh are particularly striking, as you get to see the various sacred ceremonies that monks from different monasteries carry out so as to pray for health and prosperity for the people living here. Also worth visiting is the Leh Mosque, which was built in the mid-17th century and is an amazing work that showcases a mix of Ladakhi and Muslim architecture. The Royal Palace and its Museum is also a popular sight among visitors. The museum showcases many religious, as well as royal artifacts, including the King’s crown, his dresses, and even coins from the erstwhile kingdom.

Accommodation in Leh is easy to find considering there are many options to select from. Mainly known for their simplicity and surrounding nature’s bounty, Leh hotels are also very impressive with their immaculate settings and soothing ambiance. Many trekkers would stay at these hotels making them their base before venturing out on an enthralling and memorable trekking tour ahead in the mystifying hills of Leh. The rooms are well furnished and each room is equipped with a television set and private bathrooms. You do not have to face any communication problem for that each room has a telephone through which you can not only make local calls but also international ones. Accessing the internet has also been made easy so that you can read your emails, chat with your friends or go through your business online. A wide range of amenities are coupled with great services and you can enjoy fine dining experience whether you like Indian, Chinese, Western or Tandoori cuisines. Some of the other amenities include ample parking space, in house laundry service, conference facility, banquet hall, and room service. The information provided above will help you find the best hotel in Leh so that you can have a wonderful and memorable experience.

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